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Subaru Impreza WRX Gearbox/Transmissions Repairs, Rebuild, Service And Sales In Australia

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The Subaru WRX was released in 1994, and shook up the motorsports industry with incredible performance and handling.  In Australia only the 5 speed WRX and STI gearboxes were offered, while the Japanese market got the RA spec 5 speed DCCD STI gearbox as an option. The original 5 speed box was subject to numerous failures in lower gears under full boost driving. The problem was so prevalent that the original five speed was dubbed “the glass box”. All Drive Subaroo developed a revised five-speed box using existing OEM components from other models that effectively solved the problem until Subaru introduced stronger boxes in 2004. From 2015, the WRX came with either a CVT or 6 speed cable shift (TY751 and TY756) transmission. While not as strong as the STI TY856 6 speed, these new WRX 6 speed gearboxes absorbed more aggressive driving than the 5 speed. But the strongest OEM Subaru gearbox was and remains the legendary STI six-speed.

Five Speed Replacement Options

Subaru Gearboxes Australia/ADS do not rebuild the original 5 speed (glass box) WRX gearbox to standard specs for obvious reasons. For a permanent fix we offer a revised and strengthened 5-speed hybrid box, or a DIY conversion to 6-speed STI or cable-shift box with choice of WRX and STI ratios. Our 5 speed WRX STI gearbox comes standard or with a shot-peened ISF treated gear set; increasing gear strength up to 30%. We also have 3.54 3.9 4.1 and 4.4 final drive ratios available. We offer 4 Levels of 5-speed WRX replacement gearboxes as well as PPG billet 5 speeds for extreme driving or motorsport applications. Subaru Gearboxes Australia/ADS build the strongest WRX and STI 5 and 6 speed transmissions on the market today. We also offer new and reconditioned upgraded Viscous Couplings in 12kg and 20kg options, as well as the standard 4kg.

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