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Subaru Gearbox Upgrades

Subaru Gearbox Upgrades For Both Turbo & Non-Turbo Vehicles

Perhaps your Subaru’s gearbox hasn’t actually failed; still, it doesn’t quite give you the driving experience or performance that you would like. The Subaru drivetrain is what makes every Subaru so special. Upgrades and changes to drivetrain components can drastically improve and tune your vehicle to perform exactly how you would like it to!

We offer a wide range of upgraded or strengthened gearboxes and transmission components which are guaranteed to enhance your driving experience!

  •  Move up from a 5-speed to a 6-speed gearbox!
  •  Install a dual range transmission for serious off-roading!
  • Change your final drive and gear ratios for a sportier drive, or to match a tuned engine!
  • Upgrade your viscous coupling to a 12 or 20kg unit!
  • Transform your driving experience with the addition of a front, rear or upgrade both differentials to a Limited Slip Differential!
  • Convert your 6-speed to an X-Shift H-Pattern or Full Sequential Gearset!

Check out our many gearbox options!


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