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Subaru Gearbox Repair and Transmission Repair


Fixing Subaru Gearbox problems is our specialty, whether it is routine Subaru maintenance, simple gearbox repairs, or a complete gearbox rebuild, you can be sure that there is a Subaru gearbox expert waiting to speak with you and resolve your gearbox or transmission issue.

Subaru Gearbox Australia is a NSW based engine and gearbox re-manufacturing factory that supplies and fits Subaru engines and gearboxes to all Subaru vehicle models. Our business is built on integrity and honesty and our aim is to give you the best possible repair option within your budget.


Too many repairers expect the customer to pay for inefficient trial-and-error diagnosis. We get it right the first time. Accurate diagnosis of your Subaru vehicle fault begins with good communication. We listen carefully to your concerns and make sure we get a full and clear history of the problem without jumping to conclusions. The unrivalled knowledge and experience of our team ensures that we ask the right questions, and come to the right conclusions. We have some of the best fault diagnosticians in the country working for us and this saves you big money.


Our hand-picked interstate fitting stations can fit all Subaru transmissions to our exacting engineering, service and business standards. A Subaru motor car is a complex piece of fine engineering, and you want the best service available.


Our stress-free complete service includes vehicle pick up, repair and return without you leaving your home, and a free courtesy car if needed. Some common questions we are asked include:

Q: What is the typical repair time if i drop my vehicle to you?
A: 1-2 days
Q: Are your gearbox repairs guaranteed?
A: All repairs are guaranteed for 8 months or 15,000kms whichever comes first.
Q: What is the average repair cost?
A: Cost varies depending on the Gearbox fault, but we provide an obligation free dismantle and quote service.
Q: If I tell you my symptom could you give me a quote?
A: Symptoms and descriptions vary considerably depending on the driver’s mechanical understanding. We cannot guarantee accurate diagnosis under these conditions.
Q: Can you do a cheap repair?
A: We prefer not to cut corners. “Cheap” repairs can become very expensive and create a lot of disappointment. We would rather offer our customers a cost efficient repair that will honour the warranty and meet your expectations.
Q: Can you deal directly with my mechanic?
A: Yes we can discuss repair methods, and arrange pick up and delivery of your Gearbox to any repairer.


Do you own a Mechanical Workshop?


Subaru Gearbox Australia is a NSW Based Engine and Gearbox Re manufacturing factory that supplies Engines and Gearboxes including spare parts and Do-it-Yourself (DIY) repair kits.
As we only deal with Subaru vehicles we know them inside out assuring correct part supply and first class, efficient Subaru Gearbox repair. Designated personnel for product support and technical matters eliminate the costly guessing game.


Our trade links have expended Nationally with interstate fitment stations to provide full remove-repair-and refit services to trade customer not confident in carrying out repairs to Subaru cars.

Fitting stations are chosen carefully to meet our business objectives and values. If you are a Sydney Metro based business we can provide direct free pickup and delivery service.

Some common questions that we are asked include:

Q: Could there be long delays in repairing my Gearbox?
A: 99.9% no, as we keep most parts in stock at all times.
Q:What is the average repair cost?
A: Cost varies depending on the gearbox fault. However we provide an obligation-free dismantle and quote service .
Q: How can I be sure that I can trust this shop?
A: Ask for a reference from our Trade customers.
Q:Do you fix all Subaru Gearboxes?
A: Yes we fix all Subaru gearboxes even up to the latest models such as CVT Lineartronic and Subaru BRZ-Toyota TL70, TX6 Gearboxes.
Q: Do you offer a quicker service for gearbox repairs?
A: Yes we can supply you with exchange units that are ready to go.
Q: What information do you require to order a replacement Gearbox?
A:We always request the vehicles VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number)
Q: How do you deal with Interstate Warranties?
A:We recommend that any warranty is taken care of at our Interstate Fitting Stations where available)

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