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Subaru Gearbox Installation

Making the right decision about Subaru Gearbox Installation is as important.

Failure to inspect, replace or renew vital related components can cause damage to your replacement gearbox or your Subaru vehicle.

At our NSW Subaru Gearbox Installation facility (Subaru Gearbox Australia) we ensure that all components that may have caused the initial gearbox failure are fixed prior to releasing the vehicle back to our customer.

Any serviceable item related to the gearboxes s such as fluids, gaskets and switches are renewed.

We have generated a basic list of items that we consider important and should not be over looked when installing your replacement Subaru Gearbox;

  •  Front and Rear Drive Shafts
  • Neutral and Reverse Switches
  • Mountings and Cross Members
  • Clutch Hydraulics and Mechanical Operation
  • Shifter Operation and Bushing
  • Correct Final Drive Ratios
  • All of the above mention services are part of our standard process when installing our Replacement Subaru Gearboxes.


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