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Subaru Gearbox Diagnostics

Subaru Gearbox trouble? Where do you start and Who do you ask?

Make The Right Choice Here at Subaru Gearbox, our highly experienced Subaru specialist Mechanics will identify the exact cause of your Subaru problem. We will advise you on the best repair method to ensure a successful outcome.

Modern Subaru cars have evolved complex electrical management systems and are highly technical. From your seat belt restraint system to your gearbox management system your Subaru is electronically controlled, with over 90 specific Subaru codes used to diagnose faults. These sophisticated systems demand specialised diagnostic equipment to identify faults. We have skilful Subaru mechanics and latest Subaru diagnostic equipment, enabling us to offer the most accurate and efficient Subaru service possible.

Of course, Subaru error / fault finding is not only computer based and with over 18 years of Subaru troubleshooting and diagnosing experience our staff have the know-how to quickly diagnose your Subaru gearbox repairs and problems, whether they are electronic or mechanical.

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  • Gearbox Troubleshooting
  • Key Programming & Key Communication Failure

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