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Subaru Front Differential Repair, Sale, Parts, Upgrade and Exchange

Subaru Front differential types vary depending on model specification. Subaru Gearbox stocks a vast array of Subaru differential replacement parts, new and used. Alongside our mainstream differential parts we also keep Diff housings, bearing kits, gaskets and seals, and standard and performance limited slip differentials. Our skilful mechanics have years of experience in diagnosing Subaru differential problems and abnormal noises. Our extensive research allows us to advise the best repair solutions to suit your budget. Some of our services include;
  • All 4 & 5 Speed including Subaru CVT Lineartronic transmission differential failure repairs
  • Subaru 5 & 6 Speed differential failure repairs
  • Subaru Transmission abnormal noise repairs
Subaru Exchange Front Differentials are always available for all Subaru 4 speed and 5 speed auto transmissions  Subaru ratios vary from; ring and pinion i3.9 – 4.1 – 4.4 or Subaru 6 speed parts. Some commonly asked questions:
  1. What Gear ratio do I have?
  2. Can I tell from the outside what ratio I have?
  3. Can I use different diff ratios front to rear?
  4. Do the numbers on the gearbox reveal what diff ratio I have?
  5. Do you repair noisy diff problems?
  6. Do you stock 2nd hand Differential assemblies?
  7. Do you offer installation at your premises?
To answer all your questions please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our Subaru specialist.

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