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Subaru Clutch Kits

Specialist Subaru service centre in Sydney

Subaru Gearbox Australia provides genuine Subaru Clutch replacement at our Subaru service centre Sydney. With our competitive pricing, skilled service and high professional standards, you can be sure our independent Subaru mechanics can meet all your clutch servicing needs by supplying and fitting the right Subaru parts the right way first time every time.

In recent times Subaru Outback, Liberty, Forester, and Impreza models have been affected by clutch kit changes with the replacement of the superseded Dual Mass replacement Clutch kits with the Wide Acting Dampener (WAD) units. This has caused a lot of discussion about Subaru Clutch operation and the driveability of the cars. Our Subaru specialists know all the variations in the Subaru Clutch Kit range meaning you will have the information you need to make the best decision.

It pays to be aware of these issues before making a decision on a Subaru Clutch replacement, in particular for the 2.5lt model Liberty clutch kit, Outback clutch kit, and Impreza clutch kit.

Advantages of Subaru Dual Mass Clutch kits

  • Improved Subaru Gearbox shift feel (Due to lower reciprocating clutch plate mass)
  • Reduced Subaru Engine noise (Combustion knock, Power Pulse) especially in Subaru Impreza bodies.
  • Reduced Subaru Engine and Subaru Gearbox de-acceleration and acceleration shock
  • Reduced Subaru Gearbox noise or Subaru gear chatter

Disadvantages of Subaru Dual Mass Clutch kits

  • Expensive replacement
  • Development of Clutch noise such as Subaru Clutch Squeak or Subaru Clutch rattles at idle, which normally develops after 60,000kms depending on driving styles

    Subaru Clutch Replacement

    Subaru replacement clutch kits can be installed to most Subaru models within 1 day at our Subaru workshop Peakhurst. We can provide loan vehicles for your convenience and a complimentary car wash is included after a comprehensive Subaru quality inspection by a senior Subaru mechanic before you collect your Subaru vehicle.

    If you’re good with tools and want to replace the Subaru Clutch kit yourself then we can supply you with all the necessary Subaru clutch parts, including Subaru Flywheels, Subaru Clutch plates, Subaru Clutch replacement bolts, and Subaru Clutch release bearings. Our Subaru parts online website also offers a wide range of other Subaru parts that may be of interest.

    Subaru Clutch kits that we keep in stock include;


    • Subaru Dual Mass replacement kits to suit Subaru Liberty
    • Subaru Outback, Subaru Forester, and Subaru Impreza models
    • We also have in stock Subaru WRX, and STi 6 Speed Clutches 
    • Performance clutch Kits

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