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Subaru Centre Differential Repairs, Sales, Parts, Upgrades & Exchange!

The Subaru Centre Differential or Viscous Coupling performs the specific task of regulating torque between the front and rear wheels. During normal driving, the relationship of drive forces between the front and rear wheels is 50 : 50, when slip occurs and the speed of the front or rear wheels increases, torque is transmitted from the high-speed side to the low-speed side in accordance with the viscous coupling characteristics, and the driving force on the low side will increase.

  1. Common Subaru Viscous coupling failures include; Vehicle driveline vibration that increases with temperature, vehicle binding or locking on turns, no all wheel function.
  2. Causes for Subaru viscous coupling failure include: Incorrect tyre sizes front to rear, Extreme off road use, Exceeded life expectancy, Incorrect drive line ratios, poor repair method.

3.Subaru Gearbox stock a wide range of Subaru Viscous couplings for both 5 and 6 speed Gearboxes to suit all street and motorsport applications.

No. 5 & 6 Speed Viscous coupling supply varies subject to model specifications and applications.

No. 5 Speed standard replacement Subaru viscous coupling, STi Motorsport Subaru 20kg Viscous coupling, DCCD “Driver’s Control Centre Differential” Viscous Coupling.

No. 6MT standard replacement non turbo viscous coupling, 6MT standard replacement turbo viscous coupling, STi replacement DCCD “Drivers Control Centre Differential” Viscous Coupling, STi

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