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About Subaru Gearbox Australia and All Drive Subaroo

“Our Vision is to build long term relationships with customers based on honesty and trust. “

Subaru Gearbox Australia is a division of All-drive-Subaroo (ADS™). ADS™ has four divisions: Subaru Engine Australia, Subaru Parts, and Subaru Service. Subaru Gearbox Australia supplies parts and complete gearbox and transmission assemblies to the public and to the industry, including motorsport.

Engineers at ADS™ have noted a number of weaknesses in OEM Subaru components in certain models, and have developed solutions though innovative research and development. This research extended into the motorsport area and ADS™ have in collaboration with specialist engineering companies like PPG and Cosworth, developed super strong straight cut and billet steel gearboxes and high output engines for rally, track and dragstrip applications. ADS™ now employs 18 full time staff, in the workshop, factory and admin areas. The company is unique in that everyone working full time at the Peakhurst facility, including those manning the phones, is a fully trained and experienced Auto Tech. For the customer, this means good advice when it’s needed and the right answers.

“Our Mission is to ensure customers satisfaction by providing excellent value products and services”

Remanufacturing and redesign

Subaru Gearbox Australia provides a wide selection of Subaru turbo and non-turbo model gearboxes and automatic transmissions and has at least 70 exchange gearboxes on the shelf ready for despatch at any time. Our reconditioned and remanufactured gearboxes for early five-speed turbo models incorporate selected stronger gear sets to address inherent weaknesses in second and third gears. We can also do six-speed STI conversions. Subaru Gearbox Australia’s motto is research, revise, enhance.

Parts and Support

As well as service, repair, and remanufacture of Subaru gearboxes, we are also Australia’s largest independent Subaru parts supplier with new and used Subaru gearbox parts in stock for all models. So whether you are a DIY mechanic looking to build or repair your own gearbox or a mechanical workshop looking for competitively priced high quality OEM or after-market parts, Subaru Gearboxes Australia has got you covered. We also offer full time technical support from our team of gearbox specialists to assist you through every stage of your project.

Do you own a Mechanical Workshop?

Our trade links have expanded nationally with interstate fitment stations to provide full remove-repair-and refit services to trade customers not confident in carrying out repairs to Subaru cars. Fitting stations are chosen carefully to meet our business objectives and values. If you are a Sydney Metro based business we can provide direct free pickup and delivery service.

Why choose All Drive Subaroo

  • Efficient: Whatever your repair and service needs might be, there’s no delay getting it done at All Drive Subaroo. We have a huge inventory of OEM and remanufactured Subaru parts on hand, so no need to wait for parts, you are charged wholesale parts price, and your repair or rebuild is done fast, no matter what model Subaru you own. Each of the four divisions of ADS work together to provide fast and seamless solutions for all contingencies.
  • Trustworthy: You can trust us. We’ve been in the business a long time, and we stand on our reputation. We have the greatest Subaru knowledge base in Australia, right here under our roof, which means accurate diagnosis, straight answers, and efficient solutions.
  • Specialist knowledge: Our crew are all Subaru trained specialists, and between them have every area of Subaru repair and servicing covered, and every area of the automotive business in general. Got a problem the others can’t solve without expensive trial and error? Come to us and get it done right the first time
  • Premium quality: Our rebuilt engines and gearboxes have a reputation across Australia for quality, and in some ways are better than new OEM Subaru units. Many dealers and suppliers prefer to buy from us and we have a network of industry customers across the continent.
  • Price advantage: Because we are flexible and resourceful in sourcing our parts, we can often beat Subaru Australia on price and delivery times. If you need something, come and see us. In the unusual event that we don’t have it in stock, we’ll find it for you quickly.

Whether you need routine Subaru maintenance, simple gearbox repairs, or a complete gearbox rebuild, you can be sure that there is a Subaru gearbox expert waiting to speak with you and resolve your gearbox issues. Call us now 02 9915 9900 or 0420 319 049

What our clients say about us

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M Sullivan
After reading many of their great reviews, I took a punt. These guys set the standard for exceptional service with a smile. I was very happy with the clutch job on my Forester Diesel. Thoroughly recommend... and no, I'm not related! 😁
Drew M
Bought a car with one of these guys EJ257 motor and turbo combos already installed. Had an issue due to oversight from 3rd party installer contacted ADS regarding advice and recommendations and they were more than happy to help 👍 6 stars
Andrew Z
Quality of work is good and technician are friendly and very knowledgeable, knew exactly what I need and what I didn't to fit my build.
Tomas Noll
Tonsta's Fishing
Very happy with the service and customer care. Friendly clean environment and best of all affordable. Will recommend.
Mitchell Dawson
One of the most honest shops around, very helpful over the phone and customer service 2nd to none
Nemanja Erceg
Always feel safe when my car is taken here. The work done to my car is always well done and i’ve been servicing my car here for years. The boys are excellent at what they do ! Highly Recommended
Darrell Williams
My 08 wrx is going harder than ever. Just waiting to get her tuned and I'll post a video of it
Lisa Jago
I was very impressed with the response time and service provided by all drive subaroo
fred walder
Very helpful and and well under Subaru’s price, I would highly recommend them for their service and friendly approach

Meet the Team


Niazi Helou

Niazi Helou


Robert Mastroiani

Robert Mastroiani


Felicity Helou

Felicity Helou


Marie Jaja

Marie Jaja


Adam Morris

Adam Morris

Parts & Marketing

Service Department & Remanufacturing Division

Chris Halvagi

Chris Halvagi

Team Leader

Gabriel Perugini

Gabriel Perugini

Senior Technician

Nick Mashkivskyy

Nick Mashkivskyy

Engine Assembler

Dimitar Dimitrov

Dimitar Dimitrov

Dismantling & Assessment

Isaac Fam

Isaac Fam

Engine & Transmission installer

Useful Information

Affiliation Disclaimer
All Drive Subaroo is not directly affiliated with “Subaru Australia Pty Ltd” or Inchcape Aust Ltd. All Drive Subaroo are independent specialists of Subaru vehicles of which we repair, service and maintain. All Drive Subaru provides a 3rd party service when distributing new, genuine Subaru parts. All reconditioning and remanufacturing of Subaru gearboxs and gearboxes and other Components are built to meet or exceed Subaru manufacturers specifications but are not endorsed by Subaru Australia Pty Ltd.

To learn how All Drive Subaroo can look after your family Subaru, or enthusiast machine; contact us on 02 9915 9900

Postage and handling

Australia Wide Delivery & Pick-Up

We choose to use our good friends at TNT to delivery our goods Australia wide. With very competitive rates and fast delivery times, you will be sure to have your vehicle back on the road in no time at all.

Each gearbox sent from us will contain no gearbox oil due to increased fire risks in transit.

If your new gearbox is being delivered to a residential address, please ensure there is someone home to assist the TNT driver as most TNT trucks do not have a rear tail gate lift.

The gearbox will be secured to a skid or similar and will contain a completed return consignment note for hassle free return of the exchange unit. You can simply call TNT direct or call us and we will have TNT collect the unit from your address.

For customers that purchase exchange units from us, we would request that the gearboxes are drained of gearbox oil prior to returning them.

You are welcome to arrange your own transport if you have pre-existing accounts with other carriers.

For further information please feel free to discuss your query with one of our friendly representatives.


Subaru Gearboxs Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) warranty terms and conditions.

Please read prior to installing Subaru Gearboxs or spare parts!

  • All Subaru reconditioned, remanufactured gearboxs installed by a 3rd party are covered by a 12 month or 25,000km (whichever occurs first) parts warranty only.
  • All Subaru reconditioned, remanufactured gearboxs installed by Subaru Gearboxs Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) are covered by a 24 month or 50,000km (whichever occurs first) parts and labour warranty.
  • All 2nd hand used parts are covered by a 3 month replacement parts warranty only.
  • All new genuine Subaru parts are covered by a 12 month or 25,000km (whichever occurs first) replacement parts warranty only. Note: No reconditioned, remanufactured Subaru gearbox will be warranted under any circumstances if fitted to a vehicle that has modifications to the following areas.
    Fuel system including fuel pump, fuel regulator, fuel rails, fuel injectors
    Gearbox management system, including re-flashing [unless carried out by Subaru Gearboxs Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd)]
    Intake air pipes, air boxes, relocation of air mass meter.
    Turbo charger modifications including boost control devices.
    Oil systems that are modified, including oil pans, oil pump, oil filters, or oil coolers that are non- Subaru manufactured.
    Gearboxs reconditioned / remanufactured by Subaru Gearboxs Australia that contain non OEM parts such as forged pistons, modified gearbox oil pans, oil pumps etc. with clearances set according to non – OEM instructions that are outside Subaru manufacturers specifications are categorized as Motorsport gearboxs.
  • All Motorsport gearboxs are supplied with 6 months or 25,000km warranty (whichever occurs first) when installed by Subaru Gearboxs Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) All Motorsport gearboxs that are installed by a 3rd party are covered by a 6 month or 25,000km whichever occurs first parts warranty only. We take pride in the upgraded or remanufactured units that we sell and take every precaution to ensure trouble free operation. In the unlikely event of a problem, Subaru Gearboxs Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) will send a replacement part, gearbox or repair the defective one, which ever we choose.
  • Labour reimbursements for authorized in-vehicle repairs will be determined according to a flat rate manual and only provided if the gearbox or failed component was installed by Subaru Gearboxs Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd).
  • Labor rates are based on the automotive industry average for each state. Freight expense will be paid by Subaru Gearboxs Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) if parts are deemed to be faulty after an inspection is carried out by Subaru Gearboxs
  • Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) Subaru Gearboxs Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) reserves the right to choose transport method and carrier company. Subaru Gearboxs Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) is not responsible for consequential expenses such as travel, hotels, meals, towing, car rental etc.
  • All Units are shipped dry. Please refer to the owner’s manual for specifications related to lubrication. Warranty is void if incorrect lubricant is used.
  • Warranty on reconditioned, remanufactured units will be void if the gearbox has failed due to insufficient lubrication or overheating. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain gearbox oil level and coolant levels. Any suspected leaks must be taken care of before damage occurs.
  • Failed/over-heated gearboxs due to over revving are not covered under warranty.
  • All re-manufactured gearboxs must be serviced in accordance with Subaru Gearboxs Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) terms and conditions.
  • All reconditioned / remanufactured gearboxs must have an gearbox oil and filter change after the first 20 minutes of running.
  • Service Intervals should be either 6 months or 8,000kms whichever occurs first.
  • Gearbox warranty is not transferable in whole or in part.
  • If the vehicle is serviced by a provider other than Subaru Gearboxs Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd), documentation supporting vehicle servicing intervals must be provided if a warranty claim is made. All Servicing receipts must contain the following information; Customer’s name, Registration details, date of service, odometer reading.
  • Failure to provide the requested documents will void any warranty claim.

If you find the warranty terms and condition unacceptable, please return the component or rebuilt, remanufactured gearbox in its original un-used state for a complete refund within 7 days from the invoice date.

Thank you.


Making the right decision about Subaru Gearbox Installation is as important.

Failure to inspect, replace or renew vital related components can cause damage to your replacement gearbox or your Subaru vehicle.

At our NSW Subaru Gearbox Installation facility (Subaru Gearboxs Australia) we ensure that all components that may have caused the initial gearbox failure are fixed prior to releasing the vehicle back to our customer.

Any serviceable item related to the gearboxes s such as fluids ,gaskets and switches are renewed.

We have generated a basic list of items that we consider important and should not be over looked when installing your replacement Subaru Gearbox;

  • Front and Rear Drive Shafts
  • Neutral and Reverse Switches
  • Mountings and Cross Members
  • Clutch Hydraulics and Mechanical Operation
  • Shifter Operation and Bushing
  • Correct Final Drive Ratios
  • All of the above mention services are part of our standard process when installing our Replacement Subaru Gearboxs.

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